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After having his own theatre in Amsterdam: Now active again all over the world!


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Trailer Dr Miracle's last illusion

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Woedy Woet Tricky Theater

Absurd magical comedy theatre

Usually you don't like to be misled, but sometimes a situation is created where you don't want anything else.
The magician Woedy Woet, in trying to expose his magic as much as possible, is leading you as far away from reality as possible. And after his fine explanation you are completely lost.
Woedy is a comedian, his humour is absurd en his stories as enlightening as sunglasses.

Who is Woedy Woet?

Goochelaar Woedy Woet uit Amsterdam

Woedy Woet

Comedy Magician

Starting in 1981 as a magician he makes more than fifteen different children shows and ten different adult shows. Each of these shows has been performed many times and in different circumstances. He works a lot on parties with a certain theme, like 'the mob', 'western' or 'medieval'. He also does the special effects for several plays, musicals and operas. He performs in theaterprograms, where he combines magic with other theatre disciplines like dance, music, acting and acrobatics. He took courses in these disciplines. He took lessons in improvisation at the theaterschool in Amsterdam, joined an impro-theatregroup ("theatersports") for several years and was active as a stand-up comedian. In 2000 he became artistic leader of the theatre dinner 'De Nacht van Merlijn' and 'De Klokkenluider van Rottredam'. In 2003 he starts his own theatre restaurant in Amsterdam: The Tricky Theater. After nine years other theatres became too tempting. He leaves his theatre to perform on other locations. He worked with theatre group Zimbra, Sylvia Wardenaar, Andreas Denk of Plan-D, Scott and Muriel en formed with Christophe Bordet The Duo Dodo.

"If you think magic is dull, than you have never seen Woedy Woet."

-Het Parool-


Where could you have seen Woedy Woet before?

Dodos Magical Mind Trip, goochelshow in Amsterdam

2014 | Dodo's Magical Mind Trip

Dodoïstic magic show in an early 20 century setting

Oh Tip Top, revue-theatershow in het nagebouwde Tip Top-theater in Amsterdam

2013 | Oh Tip Top

Revue-show in the Tip-Top theatre in the Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam

Mijn Lieve Alice: een magische theatervoorstelling door o.a. goochelaars Chris Bordet en Woedy Woet.

2012 | Mijn lieve Alice

Surrealistic Alice in Wonderland-adaptation

Santa Sangre, een magische circus dans voorstelling voor kinderen

2010/2014 | Santa Sangre

Circus/Dance performance, touring through Holland, Germany and Austria

Dr Miracle, een magische opera van Opera2Day met landelijke tournee

2016/2017 | Dr Miracle

Magical Opera touring in the theatres of Holland

Magical advice in Theatere

Advice on the use of magic effects in theatre.

Life is full of magical experiences, there are so many things we know nothing about. Strangely though they try to make life in theatre look as realistic as possible. Woedy is happy to bring some magic in it, often surprising and sometimes almost invisible but always strange and surrealistic. Woedy advices to accomplice such an experience. He did this for several different theatre groups in Holland; like het Nationaal Toneel, Jakop Ahlbom, Suburbia, het Filiaal, Zeelandia.

"Woedy Woet is one of my great inspirations."

Magic Anonimous

Tricky Theater

Tricky Theater

Comical Magic act
A classic magician dressed up in white tie and tails, performs an act with balls, cards and flowers, in which everything fails as planned. Some tricks do succeed, but only at the expense of his dress. Nevertheless the magician retains his dignity and leaves the stage fully "recovered".
Duration :8 or 12 minutes

José Torro d'Amore, a gipsy from the south of Europe, goes about cities and shires. He claims to be "much" strong, which he proves by tearing a telephone book in two. To convince everybody of his strength he also lifts, effortless, someone over his head. José shows not only the strength of his body, but also the power "in his head", by finding back a formerly chosen card, while handcuffed behind his back. Even if he is being put in irons from top to toe, and being put in a sack and finally being hoisted up, he is still able to find back the formerly chosen card.
Duration :15 minutes

The Green Magician

Woedy Groene Goochelaar

Green is hot. In the world of sustainability and awareness there is a lot of talking, discussing and debating. It is not an easy issue, it is really hard to come to solutions of environmental problems. But in this serious quest it is important to enlighten our burden for a moment. To bring in some fresh air. To give an unexpected turn. To refresh with wind energy. That is where the Green Magician is for. Woedy Woet is a successful magician for many years in the world of magic. But he has always been a strange character in the world of magic because of his background as physicist, philosopher and theatre maker. Also in these worlds he was a odd figure as well. But here he is right on the spot. He makes sure that your meeting will have a surprising turn, after which your guests will be able to focus on the important sustainable issues with fresh green energy.

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